At Michael’s Flooring & Cabinets, we now have cabinets! Our ever-expanding showroom currently features different styles and types of cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, and closets. We hope these displays will be an inspiration to both our sales representatives and customers as we seek to offer products that fit exactly what our customer is looking for in their home. 

We always welcome drop-ins but if you are looking for something special or have something specific in mind, give us a call so we can ensure the right sales representative is available to help you. 

New to the world of kitchen cabinets? There are four common kitchen cabinets styles on the market today:

Modern: Modern kitchen cabinets are typically composed of clean lines. These cabinets are often white or cream-colored with a shiny, sleek finish. With the right blend, contrasting colors can be used as well. If hardware is used, it is often very simple, straight pieces and has either a stainless steel or gunmetal finish. Sometimes, floating shelves will replace wall cabinets for a more modern look. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles are usually the flooring choice for a more modern kitchen. 

Traditional: In a traditional kitchen, you are likely to find lots of natural finishes. Cabinets are often left in their natural wood color with copper and bronze hardware. Occasionally, glass doors will be used for a portion of the wall cabinets. Cabinet doors are likely to either be shaker style or have a raised panel. Granite and stone countertops are also often used in a traditional kitchen. You may also see a decorative accent that makes this room a focal point for the home such as arched doorways or ceiling beams. Ornate lighting is used to highlight these accents. Hardwood flooring is usually the preferred choice. 

Cottage: This decor style consists of that country/rustic or farmhouse look. These kitchens are usually bright and charming, and incorporate abundant natural light. Color choices are usually solid wood cabinets painted white or a lighter color with glass knobs for hardware. Sometimes, cottage kitchens will incorporate patterned ceramics to add more color and charm, using wicker accents for decor. Shutters over the windows and a beadboard corner cabinet give a cottage kitchen away quickly and you will almost always see a farmhouse sink. Cabinet doors are sometimes whitewashed with a beadboard door. Hardwood floors with larger baseboards are usually the flooring choice. 

Contemporary: This is similar to the modern style, but uses darker cabinets, patterns, and textures. Frameless cabinets are indicative of a contemporary style. Contemporary kitchens will be quite sleek and have more of a minimalist layout. Floating shelves will also replace some wall cabinets in a contemporary kitchen. Stainless steel appliances, lighting fixtures, and hardware complete the contemporary look. This style is more about function than art. You will not find any crown molding or raised panels in a contemporary kitchen. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles are usually the flooring choice for a contemporary kitchen.

At Michael’s Flooring & Cabinets, we sell Ideal and Matrix cabinet brands. These can be anywhere from stock to full custom, and can fit into any of the typical styles featured above.

 As you think through renovating your kitchen, bath, or closet, let us help you envision outfitting or refitting your dream space. Call us today to help you get started. We also offer complementary measurements for our customers. For more tips and information on cabinets, visit our Cabinet Page on our website. You can also sign up for our monthly eNewsletter to read more about current home trends. See you around the store!