About Us

Michael’s Flooring & Cabinets has been a family business since Daniel Meadows’s father (the original Michael for which the stores are named) entered the flooring industry in 1978. Living in Dalton, Georgia, the flooring capital of the world with multiple mills located just miles from the homestead, the Meadows family was immersed in the industry.

Michael Meadows started as a flooring sales representative where he quickly formed friendships with the largest companies in the area. Meadows realized he could “buy smart” from the big companies by collecting their overages and “seconds” to sell at wholesale prices. Suddenly, he found a niche in the market that set him up for a lucrative business. Michael’s Wholesale Flooring, as it was formerly known, was born.

As Michael’s has expanded, including the founding of a location in Greenville in 1996, young Daniel Meadows entered the scene at 15 as a warehouse worker on afternoons and weekends. By 17, he made his first sale.

Daniel attended Ole Miss for college where he met his wife, Elizabeth, and the two were considering moving to Texas for a career opportunity. Before moving, Daniel’s father asked him to take a visit to Greenville to explore the possibility of joining the family business. Daniel and Elizabeth fell in love with the city and started working for the Greenville location of Michael’s in 2009. By 2011, Daniel was the manager with visions and plans for what the next decade could look like for the store.

As the business has grown, we have doubled down on our logistics and mechanisms. Owning our own trucking company enables us to avoid supply chain glitches and labor shortages and we are able to ship around the world.

Fast forward 10 years, and Michael’s is thriving thanks to Daniel’s efforts to elevate the brands available and to build a salesforce known for never being pushy or aggressive, but laid back and knowledgeable. Our store has a welcoming environment that feels as family-centric as the business has always been, with Daniel’s two young boys often on site with Elizabeth, exploring the warehouse just as their father did in his youth.