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Expert Contributor Daniel Meadows of Michael’s Flooring & Cabinets’ Offers His Tips

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Imagine this. You just installed our Hardwood Style Albright Oak in Chocolate. It’s stunning and immediately adds a timeless touch to your sage green living room. In order to protect and prolong its natural beauty, we recommend a few tips to properly care for and maintain your wood floors. 

Hardwood floors are often admired for their natural durability and weathering that adds a certain charm to any home. But, many homeowners forget that hardwood requires a different  maintenance plan compared to other flooring options like luxury vinyl or laminate. This is partly because dirt, dust, and debris have nowhere to hide, sometimes serving as a minor safety hazard. 

That’s why it’s important to establish a cleaning routine after installing hardwood floors. At Michael’s, our number one tip for homeowners is to clean early and often. The wear and tear from everyday living can be tough on any type of flooring, especially when young kids and pets love tracking in mud, snow, and dirt. Proper maintenance is key to ensuring your floors remain clear of daily scratches or premature wear and tear on the wood’s natural finish. 

Let’s talk cleaning. The first step in caring for your floor’s appearance is sweeping daily with a microfiber dust mop. We recommend using a microfiber cloth without water, choosing a cleaning product with a neutral PH that is nontoxic and biodegradable to reduce the amount of moisture going into your wooden floors. Another tip is to avoid vacuuming too much, unless on a ‘bare floor’ setting, to reduce scratching the wood. You can also avoid scratches by using more floor protectors under furniture and placing rugs in high-traffic areas around your home. 

We believe hardwood floors are an investment that, when correctly cared for, can last for generations. Setting a routine maintenance schedule is a great way to help preserve your hardwood flooring’s timeless beauty. Just follow these three simple steps: renew, refresh, and revive. 

Over time, hardwood floors do require refinishing every seven to ten years to protect the wood beneath the surface. If you believe your flooring needs refinishing, we encourage you to get in touch with our professionals at Michael’s to discuss costs and come up with a plan of action.

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