Laminate flooring has been the preferred alternative to traditional hardwood for homeowners since entering the scene in the 1970s. Similar to vinyl, laminate is made of synthetic materials and can imitate the appearance of hardwood while enjoying the benefits of a much lower price point. Laminate’s unique engineering includes an emphasis on comfort and versatility. Depending on the locations of flooring in your home and the environmental factors (young children or pets), choosing between vinyl or laminate will necessitate a conversation with one of our sales representatives.

We regularly stock top laminate flooring brands, including Armstrong Flooring, Phenix Flooring, COREtec Flooring, US Floors Direct, and more.

Our Inventory is Always Stocked

We pride ourselves on a strong, in-stock inventory of your favorite styles and selections, offered at unbeatable prices. We offer free measurements and quotes to identify the perfect solution for your space. The best part? We handle everything from selection to installation. All you have to do is tell us the vision you have for your home.

Caring for Your New Investment

Depending on the manufacturer of the laminate flooring you purchase, the cleaning regimen will vary since this style of engineered flooring may have differing compositions. One key tip is to ensure spills are cleaned quickly to avoid stains. Be mindful of using abrasive materials for cleaning that may scratch the surface. Mopping is encouraged every couple of months, but with a damp mop versus one soaked with water. Traditional mopping can cause seepage into the flooring layers, yielding moisture issues. Waxes or polishes should never be used.

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