Sometimes, everyone can use a second set of eyes or ideas when thinking through home improvement projects. From reimagining a small space to a complete home redesign, you might consider letting a professional interior designer help you. At Michael’s Flooring & Cabinets, we work closely with designers and our clients to transform any space.

Diggs Designs, based on Augusta Street in Greenville, works closely with Michael’s Flooring & Cabinets. Co-owner Danielle Walter first began sourcing from Michael’s nearly 12 years ago. Her husband is a builder and has worked with the team at Michael’s for over a decade. Once Diggs Designs officially opened its doors as a partnership between Danielle Walter and Dawn Brehm in 2019, they were excited to expose more clients to the endless possibilities when working with a business like Michael’s. 

Both Danielle and Dawn love the crew at Michael’s Flooring & Cabinets, citing the knowledge and expertise of the sales team in particular. They also appreciate access to a range of pricing and getting to work with in-stock inventory. Diggs Designs can work with any style, but they primarily prefer Global Eclectic Chic. This style encompasses a variety of historic periods from medieval to modern, using color, texture, shape, and finish to complete a space. Diggs Designs has also reimagined rooms using vintage, modern, and rustic influences.  

Danielle and Dawn work with both residential and commercial spaces, finding materials and inspiration for both at Michael’s. They work with new construction and remodels, as well as small-scale projects to complete home renovations. 

The average length of time from start to finish is about 30 days for a single room and closer to three months for an entire home. This can vary significantly depending on the ability to source furnishings and materials, which is why the relationship with in-stock inventory at Michael’s is so compelling. One of the most recent projects Danielle and Dawn completed involved the redesign of an orthodontics office using LVPs (luxury vinyl planks) from Michael’s. 

Danielle and Dawn especially enjoy designing kitchens, bars, and lounges to create unique experiences when gathering with family and friends. Diggs Designs frequently sources products from Michael’s Flooring, including carpet, area rugs, flooring, and more. They always appreciate in-stock options and Michael’s ability to deliver in a timely manner. 

Learn more about Diggs Designs by visiting their website, following them on Instagram @diggsdesigns05, or visiting their retail store: 2111 B Augusta Street, Greenville, SC 29605.