Ever wonder what happens to “leftover” products?

At Michael’s Flooring & Cabinets, we do our best to not waste “leftover” products. Just like in other industries, products are sometimes discontinued, phased out, or become obsolete. When this happens, we are usually left with a few boxes of a product (luxury vinyl planks or a small roll of carpet). Often, these few boxes are only enough product to complete a small project instead of an entire room.

We have been able to establish relationships with different organizations in our community. One of these relationships is with Habitat for Humanity Re-Stores. 

When we have several boxes of a product, we will call our contact at Habitat for Humanity. Habitat then comes and retrieves these boxes and makes them available in their Re-Stores. 

We are thankful to have partnerships like these in our community. This helps us recycle products instead of wasting them. It also helps Habitat for Humanity to create revenue for the good they do in our community. Finally, someone probably doing a small-scale DIY project at home benefits from these “leftover” products.