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We recently added a showroom to help you envision outfitting or refitting spaces in your home and are currently adding a bathroom showroom. Come check it out! 

Are you thinking about remodeling or refreshing a bathroom in your home? Bathroom renovations can become overly involved and costly without proper planning. If you are considering a bathroom glow up, consider these five tips before getting started. 

1. Don’t Forget about Storage 

Think about storage before you get started. Where will you put towels and other items needed in this bathroom? Where will your guests store items needed in the bathroom? While a pedestal style sink is very clean and has a more modern look, it does not assist with storage. Hooks and towel bars are an easy way to accommodate and add surface area to a bathroom. They can be used for towels, bathrobes, decor, shower caddies, clothes, and more and can be placed on the back of the door, the side of cabinets, or on the wall. An actual base or wall cabinet with doors can also help with storage and create a clean look. Finally, think about counter space. Marble, granite, quartz, and formica are common countertop types and all have their pros and cons. We now have cabinet and countertop options at Michael’s!   

2. Think about Size and Space

Is this bathroom space smaller or larger? In smaller spaces, pedestal style sinks or single base cabinets are often used. This helps make the space feel less cluttered and a bit larger. Sometimes, compact toilets can be installed in smaller bathrooms to save space. Wall cabinets can increase the surface area of the bathroom floor. If you are planning to remodel, we offer free measurements and can help you make the most of your space – from cabinets to flooring. Be sure you consider the location of fixtures and outlets before beginning the renovation. Plumbers might be needed if you are thinking about moving a toilet, sink, shower, etc. An electrician might also be needed if you are wanting to move outlets, light fixtures, or ventilation devices. And don’t forget the GFCI outlets in your bathroom!

3. Pick the Right Flooring 

You might prefer solid wood floors because of their traditional look, but this is not a good idea for a bathroom. Water and hardwoods do not mix! Instead, pick bathroom flooring that can withstand the rigors of daily bathroom use. Flooring options include tile (ceramic and porcelain), luxury vinyl planks, and vinyl tiles. When choosing tile, be sure to research and choose the right grout or let us help you decide. Choosing the right (or wrong) grout can literally make or break your bathroom (no pun intended). Another option is using sheet vinyl flooring. This surface is waterproof (maybe a great option for a kid’s bathroom.) With correct measurements, you could easily floor a small bathroom with a single-width of sheet vinyl eliminating any seams to make it more waterproof. We have all of these options and more at Michael’s.  

4. Choose the Right Color 

Color can make a space feel much bigger or much smaller. The lighter the color, the more airy and roomy a space feels. The darker the color, the smaller it tends to feel. To make a bathroom feel larger, choose a color palette in the white-or-light color spectrum. Be sure to choose fixtures (sinks, toilets, light fixtures, outlet covers, etc.) that are also light-colored. Another way to brighten a room is to use more mirrors. Try not to think of mirrors only for the purpose of checking appearances. Mirrors can serve as design elements that expand and brighten the room visually. Be sure to leave space behind mirrors to permit airflow and ventilation to prevent mold build-up.

5. Turn on the Lights, Please!

Lighting in a bathroom is extremely important. Think about what people do in a bathroom (apply makeup, fix hair, inspect face, etc.). Good lighting is a must. Dim lights in a bathroom are quite frustrating. Consider multiple lighting options that are not solely concentrated in one spot, like a single overhead fixture. Instead, explore adding light fixtures around the bathroom mirror or in the form of sconces. Do not go too extreme and create a blinding effect. If you feel like you have installed too many lights or want options for the bathroom, simply add a dimmer switch. The dimmer switch is a perfect solution for changing the mood in this room. This would create a perfect environment for late-night relaxing baths.

Whether you are starting completely over or looking for a simple refresh, we are here to help you create your perfect bathroom. From measuring to ideating to installing, we are here for you!

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