Renovations can be a rewarding experience because you get to see and live through the complete transformation. Think of before and after pictures. Can you envision a room in your home becoming a space of your dreams? Renovations can also feel very daunting (and expensive). Consider these three tips before making the big decision about doing renovations in your home:

  • Cost
  • Climate
  • Aesthetics


Cost and quality can (and should) be balanced.

Choose renovation materials that cost somewhere in the middle: not the most expensive, but not the cheapest. Do not go with the most affordable option, as typically this lacks most in quality and has less longevity. Instead, try to balance cost and quality. Then there’s also the other end of the spectrum: you choose the highest quality. This may result in liquidating your renovation budget too quickly or going beyond your financial means. Therefore, stay somewhere in the middle. As an example, luxury vinyl planks, or LVP flooring, is a good alternative between traditional hardwoods and laminate flooring.   

Another contributor to cost is the source of the material. Do some research to see what is produced and sourced within your region. For instance, many of our products at Michael’s Flooring & Cabinets are sourced directly from the region. We are able to offer competitive pricing because of where and how we source our products. We also pride ourselves in our ability to keep in-stock inventory for our customers. This reduces both financial and time costs for our customers. 


Where do you live? 

This tip can easily be overlooked. Michael’s Flooring & Cabinets is located in the southeast where we enjoy all four seasons. Typically we have mild winters where temperatures span from an average of 30°F to 60°F. We also have hot and humid summers where temperatures can span from an average of 50°F to nearly 100°F. Already this spring, we have had temperatures in the low 90s with high humidity levels. What seasons do you experience in your region? Dryer air or more humid? Cooler or warmer temperatures?   

These ranges in climate and moisture should be considered when choosing renovation materials. Traditional wood flooring will expand and contract over time. These expansions and contractions will drastically differ whether installed in a more-humid climate versus a less-humid climate. The more expanding and contracting a wood floor experiences over time, the more likely the floor could show signs of buckling or cupping during humid seasons or gap or split exposing the subfloors during dryer seasons. Other considerations regarding climate include the amount of daylight an area receives and the overall ventilation. Sometimes, laminate floors could fade overtime if the area receives a lot of sunlight. Consider these aspects of climate as you think through renovation materials. 


What look are you going for? 

Consider regional aesthetics. Typically, cabins and lodges have a more natural exterior look within a mountainous region while stucco and driftwood might be a more appropriate exterior for a coastal home. Consider both exterior and interior aesthetics. 

One way to help with aesthetics is to choose an overall theme or tone for your home. For instance, is this home a cabin in the mountains? If so, using lots of natural colors and wood on the exterior and throughout the interior of the home would make sense. Others may choose a style over a theme. An appropriate style for a cabin in the mountains would be rustic. This might incorporate natural wood colors in the kitchen and bath with contrasting granite countertops, a lighter-colored natural wood floor (for a rustic feel and to help lighten the space), exposed wood beams on the ceiling or around the fireplace, and/or perhaps an elegant stone chimney. As you think through aesthetics, don’t forget the curb-appeal as well as resale value. 

Finally, before any renovation project, it would be wise to check with any HOAs (Homeowner Associations) as well as building codes within your region or zone. This is just a beginner checklist to help you get started. Other considerations might include an assessment of the durability or longevity of the material as well as maintenance required to care for the material over time. If you are considering renovating one room or an entire home, come to Michael’s Flooring & Cabinets and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives or visit our website here. We are your local experts and are ready to help you with your next renovation project.