Refitting a space can take some imagination. Everett Waldrep of Everett King Consulting is currently taking on the task of transforming a detached garage primarily used for storage into an inspiring and elevated office space. 

The Before: 

When Everett conducted the initial site visit at her client’s home six months ago, she found a dark space with typical roll-up garage doors. The 20×15 space included one window letting in very little natural light. The walls were totally unfinished, showing nothing but studs and plywood, and the floor was concrete. (It was a garage, after all.)

The client wanted to turn this space into a home office that didn’t feel like she was working in a garage. Was it possible? Of course! In the design industry, almost anything is possible with an idea, professional help, and the right place to source products.  

The Process

Everett began with the floor, staining the concrete black and adding sheetrock to the unfinished walls. Already, the space became much brighter, but it still needed a certain element of warmth to create a cozy office conducive to creativity. 

The easiest way to make a space “cozy” is a floorcovering, and for this, Everett went to Michael’s Flooring & Cabinets to find an option that would work best. Why Michael’s? Because she knew she would be able to utilize the in-stock inventory to source her materials immediately. Her client had complained that many of the items she had ordered for her own hoe were taking months to deliver due to supply issues, so Everett knew she needed to find something in stock for the carpet. At Michael’s, she could choose from a variety of in-stock options and have it cut and bound the same day her client made a final selection.

The office has also been outfitted with built-in cabinetry, its own HVAC unit, a conference table, and extra seating. Everett then increased the natural light by adding a panel of windows spanning 10 feet long by 5 feet tall and an all-glass garage door. To top it off, a chandelier was placed over the client’s desk.

The After: 

Let’s let the picture speak for itself. 

The Designer’s Relationship with Michael’s Flooring & Cabinets

Everett has been working with Michaels Flooring & Cabinets for about seven years, when she first discovered the store as a source for a much-needed “unicorn rug” that would meet the demands of her design taste without losing the durability necessary for a family with three children and three dogs. She developed a strong relationship with sales all-star Yo Zobrist, who educated her on price points and the selection process

Everett frequently sources products for both herself and her clients from Michael’s Flooring & Cabinets. “I genuinely feel that he [referring to Yo] has my best interest in mind and understands that client satisfaction is just as important as making the sale,” says Everett. And that is why she keeps coming back. 

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