It is common to primarily envision cabinets in bathrooms or kitchens. However, they can be used in so many more spaces in your home to create a clean, fresh look while offering storage and organization solutions. 

Here are four ideas to help you envision cabinets ‘out of the box’ of your kitchen or bathroom:

1. The Garage

Do you feel like your garage stays disorganized with all of those bulky, hard-to-store items? We carry Matrix Cabinetry at Michael’s Flooring and Cabinets, which allows you to design a completely custom garage system. These systems can help homeowners create the perfect solution to storing anything–from bike racks and golf bags to car parts and gardening equipment. 

These garage systems come in many options for color, texture, and materials to fit your style and taste. The Signature line features steel cabinets, magnetic latching, and your choice between a maple butcher block or steel countertops. Cabinet doors can be solid or glass. Other options include sliding drawers that would be perfect for storing tools and power bars.  

2. Laundry Room and Pantries

These spaces are quickly cluttered and often include small items that beg to be organized. To maximize your space in these areas, consider using cabinets. For your laundry room, incorporate tall, narrow cabinets to house bigger items such as brooms, vacuums, steamers, and mops. 

Windowed cabinets with a frosted finish can brighten a laundry room. A countertop is helpful for both folding and ironing. If you do not have a designated laundry room, use a cabinet system to hide your washing machine and dryer to make it blend into a space. 

An open cabinet system in your pantry can help you store canned goods or larger cooking tools such as a crock pot or mixer. There are ample cabinetry options available to turn these notoriously cluttered spaces into organizational bliss.

3. Closets

Cabinets can be used to optimize and create a dream closet. We recently published an in-depth blog about cabinets and closets– the dream match-up. Using a cabinet system with a “his and hers” side separated by a central tall cabinet is perfect for designing your dream closet. 

Tilted shoe drawers will get those shoes off the floor and immediately tidy your space. The central piece is perfect for storing bulky items such as suitcases. Tall bars on both sides can be installed for formal wear. You can choose to use a floor to ceiling system or one that leaves space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling for additional bulky items that you do not use frequently. Drawers of varying heights can be used for jewelry or accessories.  

5. Outdoor Living

Since tailgating season has officially started, we had to mention that cabinets can help you create the perfect space for entertaining (Go Bulldogs!). 

Why not utilize cabinets to enhance your outdoor kitchen? Cabinets can be built around a grill as a single cabinet with a small prep area. Or, you can explore a much more elaborate option featuring multiple prep areas, a sink, wine bars, and so on. Imagine sitting on your deck or patio with the game playing and all the prep, cooking, and serving happening right there. Whatever your vision might be for outdoor living, we can help. 

Cabinets can be used for more than the standard kitchen and bath. At Michael’s Flooring and Cabinets, we are ready to help you optimize any space in your home with a custom cabinet system. Please let us know how we can help you and if you have any questions.